Welcome to the website of Koç University Optofluidics and Nano-Optics Research Laboratory. Our laboratory was established in 2004 with a motivation to investigate optical phenomena at nano-scale. Over the years, critical expertise in areas including micro/nano/bio-photonics, optofluidics, and microfluidics has been developed in the lab. The lab’s basic toolbox includes techniques as laser spectroscopy, optical manipulation, fiber optics, laser science, single molecule microscopy/spectroscopy, soft lithography, and microfabrication. Besides these techniques, scientific instrumentation challenges are frequently overcome in the lab using different electrical, optical and mechanical design tools, and data acquisition techniques. Thanks to our kind collaborators we also have access to various other techniques in materials synthesis (e.g. aerogel preparation using extraction with supercritical CO2), molecular biology (e.g. fluorescent protein synthesis), and laser ablation. The current research projects pursued in the lab are branched to various sub-topics with focus at three main areas: Biophotonics, energy photonics, and biomedical instrumentation. A breakdown of our current research activities as well as information on our funded projects and infrastructure can be found in the links below.