FABED – Su tutmayan yüzey üzerinde duran tek sıvı mikrodamlalar ile ultrayüksek çözünürlükte spektroskopi uygulamaları (2009-2011)

Project final report in Turkish can be accessed from this link.

With this project all the experimental setups required for ultrahigh resolution spectroscopy of microdroplets with tapered optical fibers have been built. These include: An external cavity diode laser system, a fiber tapering setup, and a home-built inverted microscope which enables controlled positioning of a tapered fiber next to a microdroplet. Studies on optical coupling between a tapered optical fiber and a microdroplet are currently underway in our laboratory. Using traditional fluorescence microscopy, fundamental mechanical resonances of microdrolets standing on a superhydrophobic surface have been characterized and the results have been compared with existing analytical models. Our studies showed that the measurement of the mechanical resonance frequency can serve as a novel method for contact angle determination of microdroplets standing on a superhydrophobic surface. This interesting finding has been reported in two international journal publications.

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